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How they Died.Who killed them?Extra Info
I was simply enjoying the ride when I was threatened. I took cover in a bathroom where I was killed on the toilet. Who killed me?
I was trying to help someone get revenge; however, I was shot by that very same person so he/she could maintain his/her reality. Who Killed Me?
After someone got out of the shower he/she found me in the closet. I emerged with a big smile, but was shot in the head anyway. Who killed me?
After I attempted a murder myself and failed, i was turned into a vegetable. While lying helpless on my bed, i was smothered with my pillow. Who Killed me?
I may have deserved what I got because revenge is a dish best served cold. I put up a fight, but was killed by the five point palm exploding heart technique. Who killed me?
I was the best DA of my city. After being pushed over the edge of madness by a clown, i was tackled off the remains of the building where my one true loved died. Who killed me?
I had to stop myself by finding myself and fighting myself to save myself, but i had to kill myself by shooting myself in the mouth. Who killed me?
I was discovered of being on both sides. I lost my girlfriend. I went to get some groceries and came home to find a gun pointed at me. Bang! Who killed me?

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