Names of Eyeshield 21 Characters

Can you name the Names of Eyeshield 21 Characters

Eyeshield 21
Captain of the Deimon Devil Bats, wears the number 1
A linesman with a benchpress of 140 kg, wears the number 77
The star receiver of the Deimon Devil Bats, wears the number 80
A linesman with a scar on the right cheek, part of the Huh-huh bros, wears the number 51
A linesman that loves to play video games and is quite good at it, part of the huh-huh bros, wears the number 52
A linesman that loves to read manga, part of the huh-huh bros, wears the number 53
A small linesman that uses 'powerful go' to speak, wears the number 55
A second year at Deimon who was pressured by his mother to sit behind a desk and study almost all of his years ever since he was borned, finally proved himself in a match against t
Plays tight end at Deimon, an idiot, wears the number 37
The kicker at Deimon who had to quit because of his father's illness, having to take care of the company, part of the 3 founders of the Deimon Devilbats along with Kurita and Hirum
A linebacker at Oujo who uses the spear tackle and can not use any technology, wears the number 40
The ace receiver in Oujo who takes advantage of his great height to catch the highest Everest Past, used to be a model but quit to seriously play American football, wears the numbe
A linesman in Oujo who thought of himself to be Kurita's rival, often forgets to wear his underwear/pants, needed to be reminded to wear them, is an idiot that knows he's an idiot,
the quarterback in Oujo who, due to an injury when he was little, can not run very fast, but makes up for that with his accuracy and height, wears the number 3
A linesman in Oujo that is needed to be chained down everytime someone makes an offensive comment towards Oujo or its players, since he will always get angry and jump at that perso
The older brother of the Kongo brothers, never has any special talent but accepts it and works harder than the one with talent, wears the number 12
The younger of the Kongo brother, named the 'once-in-a-century' genius and is very lazy until he got beatened by Deimon, wears the number 2
A receiver at Shinryuuji who has a running backwards speed of 4.9, wears the number 33
The quarterback in Seibu, has a quickdraw speed of 0.15, wears the number 7
A receiver in Seibu that is nicknamed the 'Locomotive', will obey the orders he is given to the extremes, wears the number 15
Running back that plays for Seibu with his signature run named the 'Rodeo Drive', wears the number 29
The actual captain of the Seibu Wild Gunmans, though nobody remembers this, uses the twin horns to crush the opponent, wears the number 34
The quarterback at Taiyou, talks in an old style, though he changes after the Hakushuu game, wears the number 8
Linesman at Taiyou, a really huge guy with his wisdom and calmness making him the authority figure of the team, holds a record for squats, wears the number 50
A running back with the style of the zero gravity run, wears the number 20
quarterback who throws the shuttle pass with his muscles, wears the number 5
A receiver that can calculate exactly where his teammate's pass will end up, an otaku on japanese culture, though not all of his information may be correct, wears the number 81
Was voted the Tokyo MVP the year before, the ace of Bando Spiders and claimed to be the real Eyeshield 21, plays the electric quitar everywhere, wears the number 21
Ace kicker from Bando that has a kicking percentage of 100%, catch phrase is 'smart!' and is usually seen combing his hair up, wears the number 99
A tall linesman who has the signature move 'swim', he usually talks a lot and make rude comments, likes to take his clothes off anywhere, wears the number 71
A tall linebacker that has played at America and became the ace of the Phoenix, meeting the real Eyeshield 21 there, is very serious and can not stand people making fun of the real
A person who likes to drink cola and very good at following the movements of the ball in the opponent's hands, can pry the ball away from the opponent with the 'Screwbite'
The ace and linesman of Hakushuu, has a highschool record on benchpress, usually wins by crushing the opponent's quarterback into pieces(almost literally), but is not unreasonably
The real Eyeshield 21, his specialty is the 'Caesar's Charge' where he flat out refuses to be tackle, and thus, does not fall when get tackled, now wears the number 22
The receiver at Teikoku Alexanders, he has the nickname 'Bird-man' because of the ability to jump ridiculous distances, wears the number 10
The only female player in the whole series and is a quarterback to Teikoku, she got recruited against her will but has great throwing abilities and her passes are easy to catch, hi
The quarterback in the pentagram, uses his intelligence which is on another level, has speed that nearly rivals Eyeshield 21 and claims to be from the French royalty, wears the num
An unstoppable, elitist goliath linesman in the pentagram, wears the number 68
The tallest player in the entire World Cup, plays in the pentagram, has really long hair even when braided
A famous action movie star who vows to rip off Deimon's Receiver's wings, plays in the pentagram.
Has long arms and traits that is similar to a chameleon, is the captain and only dedicated player on the team, wears the number 42
An experience, technical linesman who uses his technique, rather than power, to win, got defeated early in the tournaments but is respected by many linesman, known for being a talk
The captain and ace of the Misaki Wolves, Kamiya is a long-legged, fast-moving player with a high opinion of himself. In the manga, his team was easily defeated by the Seibu Wild G
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