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Updated Aug 4, 2012

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Exceptional QualityStateExtra Trivia
...whose legal right to statehood was brought before the Supreme Court? have divorce laws written into its Constitution? border more than two Great Lakes?
...without commercial air service? host a Confederate President's inauguration?
...without a McDonalds within the borders of its state capital?
...whose two biggest cities have lent their names to a Tony-winning musical and an Oscar-winning film, respectively?
...where less than 26% of its citizens identify themselves as White/Caucasian?
...with different designs on either side of its State Flag? be represented by an African-American Senator prior to the 20th Century?
...that has no law requiring seatbelts for adults in automobiles?
...whose postal abbreviation consists of two vowels? have multiple native sons immortalized atop Mount Rushmore? have a state-owned bank?
...with a state capital of over a million people?
...whose median age is under 30 years old? have a lighthouse that stands over 60 meters high? border the Canadian province of New Brunswick? lie entirely above 1,000 meters elevation?
...whose name appears in another state's most populous city? have a higher population density than Puerto Rico?
...whose official State Motto is in Spanish?
...with a community-owned major league professional sports team? include a noncontiguous parcel of land completely surrounded by two other states?
...whose official state seal is not circular?
Exceptional QualityStateExtra Trivia
...never to cast an electoral vote for Ronald Reagan?
...with a modern city founded by European colonists prior to 1600? which diamonds are mined?
...named after a German-born monarch?
...whose three largest cities begin with the same letter? insist upon statewide female suffrage as a requirement for its entry into the Union?
...where prostitution is legal?
...with an automobile on its commemorative State Quarter?
...that has 'parishes' instead of counties?
...whose name has no letters in common with that of its capital?
...with a state-wide ban on the carrying of concealed firearms? have two Federal Reserve Banks? contain more than one Ivy League school?
...where a nuclear weapon was exploded prior to the bombing of Japan?
...whose current State Capitol building predates the revolution? which the Northern half is in a different time zone than the Southern half? produce two US Presidents whose sons also became Presidents? host three modern Olympic Games?
...that allows residents to vote from outer space? have a Unicameral Legislature? have a county where a plurality of citizens report their primary ancestry as Polish? be named after an American? have territory in the Eastern Hemisphere?
...whose official name is more than four words long? be admitted to the Union under a President Roosevelt?

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