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Can you name the actors and actresses by the way they died in their Oscar-winning roles?

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Cause of DeathActor/ActressMovie
Choked and beaten to death by prisoner/torture victim
Shot in the face for murdering mafioso and 'a lot of other things'
Uxepctedly dies of old age, rugged as ever, in a sitting position
Shot to death as revenge for torture and murder of killer’s partner
Dies of AIDS shortly after being awarded 5 million dollar lawsuit
Dies, elderly and washed up, after shooting scenes for awful movie
Dies from alcohol poisoning after consummating relationship with prostitute friend
Executed by Germans after one too many hijinks
Accidentally bludgeoned to death by son, after forcibly demanding alcohol
Shot by militant neighbor after advances rebuffed
Brutally murdered after reporting rape to police
Dies of overdose of ether, leaving orphanage to protagonist
Dies from stab wounds inflicted before climactic fight-to-death
Cause of DeathActor/ActressMovie
Shot by Russian hitmen, en route to LAX, for killing courier
Put to death by state of Florida after killing 7 men
Killed by alligator while attempting to murder screenwriter
Is given fatal injection of adrenaline, expiring from injuries sustained in the ring
Stabbed and shot after falsely confessing to murdering childhood friend’s daughter
Killed by American predator drone while warning a foreign minister of assassination attempt
Murdered by agents of pharmaceutical company for threatening to expose wrongdoings
Dies of heroin overdose while sharing hotel room with granddaughter
Assassinated by disgruntled fellow politician
Expires at 47 shortly after collapsing on stage, after years of addiction and abuse
Hangs self in cell shortly before release from prison, having served time for war crimes
Bleeds to death—possibly—after stabbing self with shard of glass while hallucinating

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