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Mordor, Middle EarthThe Third Age
Jerusalem, Judea26-33 AD
Germania / Rome, Roman Empire180 - 181 AD
Elsinore Castle, Denmarkc. 7th century AD
Scottish Highlands; London, England1277 - 1314
Hampton Court / Tower of London, England1532 - 1535
Rose Theater / Curtain Theater, London, England1593
Allworthy Estate, Somerset / London, England1749
Vienna, Austria1781 - 1791, 1825
Tahiti / Pitcairn, Pacific Ocean1789 - 1790
Squalid neighborhoods in London, England1837 - 1839
Saratoga Springs, NY, A New Orleans plantation1841 - 1853
Tara Plantation / Atlanta, Georgia1861 - 1866
Sioux land, Dakota territory1865
Numerous locations around the globe1872
A drafty attic / a courtroom in Paris, France1878 - 1902
A brothel in Big Whiskey, Wyoming Territory1881
Salons and parks in Paris, France1890s
A small village in the Rhondda Valley, South Wales1890s
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa; New Delhi, India1893 - 1948
Cherokee Territory, Oklahoma1893
Vaudeville theaters in Chicago, IL and New York, NY1893 - 1932
Maryott residence in London, England1899 - 1933
Lower East Side of New York, NY; Lake Tahoe, NV1901 - 1925; 1958 - 1959
Beijing, China1908 - 1967
Covent Garden / Ascot Racecourse, London, England1912
Atlantic Ocean between Southampton, England and New York, NY1912, 1997
Kenya, British East Africa; Rungstedlund, Denmark1914 - 1937
Battlefields on the German/French border1914 - 1918
Aqaba, Jordan; Damascus, Syria1916 - 1918
A small American town; Eastern France1917 - 1918
Cambridge, England; Olympic Stadium, Paris, France1919 - 1924
Buckingham Palace / London, England1925 - 1939
Cook County Jail, Chicago, IL1927
Hollywood, CA1927 - 1932
Baton Rouge, Louisiana1928 - 1935
A midtown theater in New York, NY1929 (contemporary)
An inn in Berlin, Germany1932 (contemporary)
The road between Miami, FL and New York, NY1934 (contemporary)
Joliet/Chicago, IL1936
Villa San Girolamo, Italy / Desert outside of Cairo, Egypt1937 - 1945
Salzburg, Austria1937 - 1938
A ramshackle house near Columbia U, New York, NY1938 (contemporary)
Krakow, Poland; Brinnlitz, Moravia1939 - 1945
A small village outside London, England1939 - 1942
Manderlay Manor, Cornwall, England1940 (contemporary)
Pearl Harbor, HI1941
Casablanca, French Morocco1941
Western Thailand1942 - 1943
Messina, Italy; Heidelberg, Germany1943 - 1945
St. Dominic's Parish, New York, NY1944 (contemporary)
New York, NY; Sicily, Italy1945 - 1955
Nat's Bar, New York, NY1945 (contemporary)
Boone City, OH1946 (contemporary)
New York, NY; the 'restricted' community of Darien, CT1947 (contemporary)
Princeton, NJ1947 - 1994
Atlanta, GA1948 - 1973
Greenbow, AL; North Vietnam1950s - 1982
Houston, Texas1950s - 1980s
Various theaters and dressing rooms in New York, NY1950 (contemporary)
Paris, France1951 (contemporary)
In and between small towns throughout the US1952 (contemporary)
The docks of Hoboken, NJ1954 (contemporary)
A butcher shop in The Bronx, NY1955 (contemporary)
An office building / apartment in New York, NY1960 (contemporary)
The Upper West Side of New York, NY1961 (contemporary)
Oregon State Mental Hospital, OR1962
Baltimore, MD1962
Vietnam, near Cambodian border1967
The segregated community of Sparta, MS1967 (contemporary)
Clairton, PA; Saigon, Vietnam1968 - 1975
Times Square, New York, NY1969 (contemporary)
Various alleyways and tunnels in New York, NY1971 (contemporary)
Philadelphia, PA1976 (contemporary)
New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA1977 (contemporary)
A courtroom in New York, NY1979 (contemporary)
Tehran, Iran1979
Liberty City, Miami, FL1980s - 2000s
An affluent home in Lake Forest, IL1980 (contemporary)
West Texas-Mexico Border; El Paso, TX1980
Cincinnati, OH; Las Vegas, NV1988 (contemporary)
State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, Baltimore, MD1991 (contemporary)
Mumbai, India1992 - 2006
An average block in suburban America1999 (contemporary)
Boston, MA2001 - 2003
Los Angeles, CA / Las Vegas, NV2004 (contemporary)
Baghdad, Iraq2004
The streets of Los Angeles, CA2005 (contemporary)
Boston, MA2006 (contemporary)
New York, NY2014 (contemporary)

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