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Can you name the 50 Movie directors without consonants?

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Directors- Without ConsonantsDirector's NameHint...
_o__/ _o__the Duke
A_i_a/ _u_o_a_aMifune
__a__e_/ _u__i__Hal
_a__i_/ __o__e_eLeo
A___e_/ _i____o__Suspense
_o__/ _u__o_Bogart
_i___/ _i__e_Desmond
__a__i_/ _o__/ _o__o_aOffer
_o_a__/ _a___Brennen
__e_e_/ __ie__e__Duel
_oo__/ A__e_Glasses
I___a_/ _e___a_Ullman
_e_/ __oo__Spoofs
_oe_ & E__a_/ _oe_Dude
_o_a_/ _o_a___iRosemary
_i__ia_/ _y_e_Dodsworth
_o__/ _u__e_Ringwald
__a__/ _a__aZuzu
__i__/ Ea___oo_Squint
_e_i_/ _./ _e_i__eclose-up
_o_e__/ _./ _a__ie_i__Seatbelts
O__o_/ _e__e_Cotten
E_i__/ _o_/ ___o_ei_Austrian
_e___/ _i__ia_Swallow
_o_e__/ A___a_Mash
Directors- Without ConsonantsDirector's NameHint...
_i_/ _u__o_Depp
_i__e__e/ _i__e__iGigi
_y__e_/ _o__a__Dorothy Michaels
_ue__i_/ _a_a__i_oViolent
_o_e__/ _e_e__i_McFly
__i__/ _a__Monacle
_eo__e/ _u_o_Woman's Director
_._./ __i__i__Pioneer
_ea_-_u_/ _o_a__Breathless
_i__o_/ __e_i__1939
__ia_/ _e _a__aLittle friend
_o_e__/ _i_eSharks Jets
_e_e_i_o/ _e__i_iSurrealistic
_a_i_/ _y___Laura
_o__/ _a__a_e_e_Faces
_i__/ _i_o_Crowd
E_ia/ _a_a_Brando
_e__io/ _eo_eDollars
_o_a__a_/ _e__eChianti
_u__e_/ _ea_o_Silent
_o_/ _o_a__Dallas
_e_e_/ _a___o_New Zealand
_o_/ _ei_e_Eleven
__i_e/ _eeWake up
_i__e_/ _u_e_Network

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