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hintsnamesExtra info
Tony's love interest in season 4
ex team Gibbs member, only seen in the JAG pilot episodes
First appearing in season 4 she assists Gibbs team as an army CID agent
Director of NCIS seasons 3 through 5
Gibb's first wife, mother of Kelly GIbbs
CGIS special agent first appearing in season 7
Leader of the Merxican Reynosa cartel until her death during season 8
Newest member of team Gibbs, former NSA analyst
hintsnamesExtra info
An attorney first seen defending Colonel Merton Bell
Joined the MCRT at the start of season 3
the Phychologist older sister of a deceased member of team Gibbs
Killed in a bombing durin season 4
NCIS forensic specialist
Current girlfriend of Timothy McGee and DOD employee
NCIS probie turned mole of NCIS
Former Secret Service agent, murdered by a terrorist in season 2

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