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Can you name the songs that feature the word 'So' in the title?

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A bottle of Stevens Point beer awakens ancient feelings for Rivers Cuomo in this Weezer track
At least Pink still has her rock moves
It's more than a crush for the schoolgirl in this Police classic
Fictional TV dad Danny Tanner would enjoy this Outkast tune
Boys II Men have a tough time parting with the particular day of this song
To Joe Cocker, you are this
Like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, or Aphrodite to Tal Bachman
John Mellencamp is not afraid of a little pain when it comes to love
You make Frank Sinatra feel this
Whitney Houston has feelings for someone she shouldn't in this catchy tune and it makes her this
This song indicates that 2 Live Crew just can't keep it in their pants
Bjork wants you to 'Shhhhh!'
War is hurtin' real bad in this little diddy off their Why Can't We Be Friends album
Carole King wants to know why nobody stays in one place anymore
It's sayonara for the famous architect in this Simon & Garfunkel sendoff
Bleeding Volcanos and ice cream cones are just a few things Mick Jagger sings about in this Rolling Stones' hit
In this R&B slow jam, Ginuine happens to be extremely impatient
Hilary Duff is a bird that already flew away in this pop ballad
The Beatles have a tough time carrying the load in this song
Blood, Sweat, & Tears are elated and it's for a 'very' good reason
Carly Simon will bet that you think this song is about you
Ne-Yo can't turn off the radio despite being this
According to this song, Astrud Gillberto just wants someone to dance through life with
A Flock of Seagulls go the distance in this 80's jem
The Hives didn't want to have to go 'there' but they did

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