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Can you name the Name a Disneyland Ride by scene.

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The town mayor being dunked in a well
Ducking under a boulder
A ghoulish grand ball with a phantom organist and duelings ghosts
Riding through a pod race on Tatooine
Shooting at 'Z' shaped targets to get points
being sent to hell by the prosecutor
a queen turns around and becomes a witch
flying over moonlit London
children singing and laughing with wild animals in Africa
yeti encounter
goat chewing on dynamite
gorilla camp
animals singing 'Zip-A-Zee-Doo-Dah' on a riverboat
approaching comets before turning and dropping
'We're here to Change the World'
Cozy Cone Caverns
Rex and Trixie's Dino Darts
Under the Sea
smelling oranges while flying over orange groves
hearing a grizzly bear roar as you splash through the cave
'Say Goodbye to the Real World'
321....here we go!
door factory
penguin orchestra
learn to fly

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