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Date Steve Jobs was born
College where Steve Jobs attended for one semester
Drug that he experimented with in the '70's
His Apple Co-Founder
Apple's first computer model
The Year Apple was Incorporated
He mentioned that Apple's business model is this band
He aquired the 'mouse' technology through this company
His daughter out of wedlock, born in 1978
CEO he first hired in 1983 who then fired him
first GUI computer Apple invented in 1984
the year he was ousted out of Apple
after being fired from Apple, he founded this computer company
acquired this company from George Lucas, which would become the company to produce the first 3D Computer Animated Feature Film
his now widow whom he married in 1991 and produced 3 children with
Pixar's first featured computer 3D animated film
the year he returned to Apple
the new Mac model re-revolutionized in 1998
Apple's new main product designer after Jobs' return
Apple introduced this portable MP3 player in 2001
the world's largest online music store, launched in 2003
Band who promoted an iPod model in 2004
he was diagnosed with this in 2004
the two very last, but notable lines of Steve Job's 2005 Stanford Commencement Speech
Apple's first and one of the world's most revolutionary cellular smartphones introduced in 2007
Apple's revolutionary tablet, introduced in 2010
Jobs' successor at Apple, named in 2011
Date Steve Jobs died
His biographer

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