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When were the suffragists founded?
When was the matrimonial clauses act (divorce if proved adultery, desertion or cruelty)?
What did Florence Nightingale set up, giving a career more respect?
When did suffragette protests get more violent?
When did the vote go to women over 21?
When was the cat and mouse act?
When did householders (women) over 30 get the vote?
What act first gave women the vote?
What could women become after the movement (not voters)?
The vote was already being changed. This was so that men living at an address for under a year could vote. This was due to...
When were the suffragettes founded?
Who led the suffragists?
When did Emily Davison throw herself in front of the king's horse (Epsom Derby)?
Did violence help the suffragettes?
What did suffragettes do in prison?
When was the married women's property act (keep earnings rather than go automatically to husband)?
What was another name for the suffragists?
Who led the suffragettes?
When did Christabel Pankhurst and Annie Kenney heckle sir Edward Grey as he was speaking in Manchester (went to prison for a week)?
When was the married woman's property act (could keep property not go to husband automatically)?
When did queen's college London open (trained women as teachers)?
Which party would win if only rich women got the vote?
Since when could women vote for district councils?
What was another name for the suffragettes?
When was the liberal government voted in?
When was the qualification of women act (let women become mayors)?
Who became PM in 1908?
Women's vote almost got put into the Plural Voting Bill, but the speaker refused to add it. This made the suffragettes angry. When was this?
Where did women chain themselves?
They also smashed shop windows. Whose house did WSPU bomb?
Where did they hit Asquith?
Where did they destroy paintings?
They also burnt post boxes, churches and railway stations. This was...
When was the married women act (husband who left wife had to pay for her living expenses)?
When was the guardianship of children act (women got children if husband left or died)?
Did suffragettes stop the campaign for the war effort?

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