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Forced Order
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Where did poor people have to go to keep off the streets?
Half of those recruited to fight in which war (1899-1902) had malnutrition?
Whose London survey proved poverty?
What was the name of the study?
When was this published?
What percentage did this show was in poverty in London?
Whose York survey proved poverty?
What was the name of this study?
When was this published?
What percentage did this show was in poverty?
Which party became more popular?
Who did the conservatives send to look at the current poor law?
Most thought they were poor because of attitudes, it was their own fault. Who took over the government?
When did they get voted in?
How many labour MPs were elected?
Reforms had to please labour now, as well as the public. What are these known as (hint:title)?
When was the school meals act (school meals from local council tax)?
When were free medical inspections?
When was children and young persons act (no cigarettes, pubs or begging for under 16s, juvenile courts)?
When were borstals set up?
When was old age pension act (over 70s on low incomes, from taxes)?
When was National insurance act Part 1 (health insurance, funded by workers, employers and government weekly)?
When was National insurance act Part 2 (unemployment benefits for shipbuilding, iron founding and construction, funded by employers and government)?
When was trade boards act (trade boards (unions) set up) by Churchill and William Beveridge?
When was labour exchanges act (job centres, 1 million jobs filled per year)?
What was raised by all this?
When was the parliament act (lords couldn't reject financial bills)?
When were workhouses abolished?
Did the reforms help?

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