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When did France lose Alsace and Lorraine to Germany?
Who led Germany?
What did Britain set up in case of war?
Who led Austria-Hungary?
What year was the triple entente?
Who led Russia?
How many nationalities made up Austria-Hungary?
What year was the triple alliance formed?
What was the name of Germany's policy to increase military strength and expand empire?
Between 1900 and 1914, what did Germany try to do to its navy?
What year was the dual alliance (Germany and Austria-Hungary)?
France had a plan to recapture Alsace and Lorraine from Germany, what was it called?
What year was the Franco-Russian alliance?
When did Russia start to build up its army, fearing war?
Who had the biggest army?
Russia was poor with no land overseas, where did it want land and what for?
How many were in Britain's new Expeditionary force?
Britain wanted to have a navy at least as big as the next two biggest navies put together; what was the name of this policy?
Which one would become communist after the war?
In what year did Britain build the first Dreadnought (battleship)?
What was the name of Germany's plan to defeat France and then Russia and when did they come up with it?
What year was the Entente Cordiale?
Who had the most powerful Navy in 1900?

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