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Forced Order
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Which empire controlled the Balkans?
What was this empire known as?
This was because it was so...
Within its empire, many people were (hint: wanted independence)...
What is the word for what Austria-Hungary did to Bosnia and Herzegovina (ie. making it an official part of their empire)?
When did it do this (year)?
When was the treaty that had given Austria-Hungary control of Bosnia in the first place?
What did Britain want to build through the Balkans?
Italy wanted control on the other side of what sea?
When did Italy take Tripoli (Libya)?
Russia wanted sea access from the Black sea to what sea?
What area, controlled by the Turkish Empire, did Russia have to have access through to do this?
If Russia got this, it would support Austria-Hungary with Bosnia. This was agreed. Did Russia get what it wanted?
When Russia protested, who backed Austria-Hungary?
Russia wasn't strong enough to fight them both. It felt...
The slavic people in the Balkans wanted independence. Which country was Austria-Hungary most worried about (hint: Black Hand came from here)?
When was the first Balkan war?
Who were the members of the Balkan league during this time (do it in alphabetical order)?
Who did they attack?
Did the Balkan League win?
They gave up their lands. Then, there was a second Balkan war. When was this?
That didn't take long. Which member of the Balkan League went to war with the rest of the Balkan League (not Montenegro)?
Did that country win?
What did it lose?
Which bigger country was always on Serbia's side?
Britain tried to keep the peace rather than support its ally. What alliance looked weak thus?
Which country found this interesting?
Which country did Serbia next want to defeat?
Which nationalist group wanted to unite Serbian?
Who was the leader?
Which Austro-Hungarian heir went to Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1914?
He was trying to strengthen the country's loyalty to the empire. Which Black Hand Serbian nationalist shot him?
He was also a student btw. What date did this happen on (dd/mm/yyyy please)?
On 23/07, who did Austria-Hungary blame for this?
They demanded compensation and to send in troops. Did Serbia agree?
Where did Austria-Hungary bomb?
This was after declaring war on Serbia. Who mobilised troops to help Serbia/
Who demanded they stop?
Russia refused. Germany declared war on Russia. Who then began to mobilise troops to help Russia?
Who declared war on France?
What plan did Germany then carry out?
What country did this involve going through?
This country was (hint: like Switzerland)...
Who ordered Germany to withdraw?
Because they had agreed to help that country in which treaty?
Germany refused. Britain declared war on Germany. On what date did Austria Hungary declare war on Russia?
This all happened over 14 days. Was that a good idea?

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