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Can you name the League Of Legend Champion From Either Selection Quotes/Movement Quotes/Attacking Quotes/Jokes/Taunts/Starting Game Quotes

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Forced Order
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Improve your skills! Then find me again
Let's see how many spears you can endure
Through twilight's veil
Is it the moustache? Who knows?
I long for a worthy opponent
To Heal And Protect
I haven't got a brain, and soon... neither will you
Agony, ecstasy, peace. Every passing has a beauty all its own
One blade, one purpose
Yup, that tasted purple
Shoo shoo Bahnah!
Master yourself, master the enemy.
Never lost a fair game... or played one
As Ionian Change, So Must I
Next time, try to leave a dent.
Eventually, the sands claim us all
I'm gonna crush your dreams... They're in your skull, right?
Never had luck. Never needed it.
It's cold out there.
The shadow is within.
Gale winds unleashed.
______Does It All... With Style
The only time I have a drinking problem is when I spill it
Noxuuu... ohhh... ugh. Dizzy.
I ate an optimist once, but I couldn't keep him down
A sword mirrors its owner
Hey, look, I'm holding the world up!
Sorry boys, I keep the fuzzy cuffs at home.
Humans: simple, messy, yet exceptional
Are You My Nightmare? Or Am I Yours?
I smell black magics
Eeaugh! Bugs are gross! Ugh!
There is life. There is death. And then there is me
Easy, partner
Aha, 42, I knew it! Now - er, what was the question again?'
Do not deny your instincts, summoner.
You Won't Live To See Your World Destroyed
I really need a new gun. But don't tell my other guns
Hop, skip, jump
Knock, knock. Who's there? The moon. ... it's far away! You were alone the whole time! Ha ha ha!
Fish, fish fish
I'll use their bones to pick my teeth
Quit flopping around
Well, a 'double rainbow' is a phenomenon of optics that displays a spectrum of light due to the sun shining on droplets of moisture in the atmosphere. Does that explain it
I was made for this... literally.
Adagio Summoner
You cannot cage me, summoner.
Should I make your pulse rise? Or...STOP!

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