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Also known as Dr. J.
Former Falcons and current Eagles QB.
This QB is best remembered for his dive in Super Bowl XXXII.
Former Avalanche and Canadien Goaltender
2009 World Series Champions.
LA Galaxy star, best known in the UK.
This NFL Team blew a 32 point lead in the 1993 playoffs.
Golfer known more for his alcohol problems and weight, than golfing.
Starting QB for the Tennesee Titans
Current Pro Bowl Left Tackle for the Miami Dolphins
Most popular athlete in DC right now. (Hint: You can find him on ice)
Loser of the 2009-10 NFC Championship game.
Former NY Knick Center from the 90s.
Starting WR of the Carolina Panthers
The only team Kurt Warner beat in the Super Bowl.
Changed his real last name to a number (that's actually inaccurate in Spanish).
2008 World Series Champions
2009 NBA Finals Champions
Starting shooting guard for the Boston Celtics
Hall of Fame Center from the Detroit Red Wings
2009-2010 Super Bowl Champions
3 time Super Bowl winning champions of the 2000s.
Recent Portland Trailblazer Draft Pick who spends more time injured than playing.
MLB Player banned from the Hall of Fame due to gambling.
2009 NBA Eastern Conference Championship Losers
Hall of Fame Center from the Pittsburgh Penguins
Finished 2nd in the NFC East in 2009.
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