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QUIZ: You know what a dire wolf is, right?

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Who is your first friend in South Park?
The unfortunate nickname the new kid is stuck with is...?
Which fart does Randy teach you?
Cartman must be your active buddy in order to add who as a friend?
The four classes to chose from are mage, fighter, thief, and what?
Who is on the roof of the police station?
Which Chinpokomon is hidden in Clyde's fortress?
According to a carrier raven, where is the bard hiding?
Aliens are weak against what?
Which potion allows you to attack twice in a row?
The goth kids require clothes, coffee, and what third quest item?
Stan refers to Shelly as...?
Who are the monks in Vancouver?
In the quest Phase One, how many pairs of underpants do the gnomes want?
Cartman's three best warriors are Craig, Token, and who?
Jimmy uses his lute to power up his elven guards with magical songs of what?
What is the only animal in Jimbo and Ned's hunting guide that doesn't fight back?
Which friend in South Park can you find in the movie theater?
Where in the game are the Emmy Awards hidden?
Stan is identified as what class?
Cartman tries to change Token's class from healer to what?
Craig is a thief named...?
What instrument can be found in Token's garage?
Which key is in Mackey's office?
Once the quest is completed, the music in Canada changes from the National Anthem to what?
Which best-selling novel is found in almost every home in South Park?
Morgan Freeman earns a new what every time he shows up and explains something?
What's the only phrase your character says out loud?
What must you never, ever do according to the gentlemen's oath?
You know what a dire bear is, right?

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