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QUIZ: Can you name the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Perks?

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Equips player with two packs of remote-detonated explosives.1
Equips player with a rocket launcher with two rounds.1
Gives player either 3 stun grenades or 3 flash grenades. No smoke.1
Enemy explosives are marked with icons.1
Equips player with two proximity mines.1
Gives player extra reserve ammo.1
Gives player 3 fragmentation grenades.1
Reduces incoming damage by 25%; cancels out Stopping Power.2
Increases reloading speed.2
Increases explosives damage by 25%.2
Increases bullet damage by 40%.2
Increases rate of fire by 33%.2
Player becomes undetectable by enemy UAVs.2
Replaces secondary weapon with another primary weapon.2
Extra damage through walls.3
Doubles sprint time.3
Increases hipfiring accuracy.3
Player pulls out a pistol before dying.3
Drop a live grenade after death.3
Increases scope steadying time.3
Hear the enemy voice chat.3
Reduces sound from footsteps.3

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