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A world geography quiz with moderate to difficult questions.

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What is the capital of Australia?
What country borders Chile and Uruguay?
What country is commonly associated with Reggae music?
What country contains the most pyramids?
The city of Odesa can be found in what European country?
What city in Bangladesh is one of the worlds most densely populated?
In what Canadian province is Montreal found?
What is the most populous city in Cameroon?
What country is the largest producer of Diamonds?
What is the official religion of Laos?
What is the smallest country in Central America based upon Area?
Kifto(A dish consisting of raw ground beef mixed with spices.) is often eaten with Injera(A flat pancake) in what landlocked African country?
What is the official language of Andorra?
What mountain range runs through countries such as Peru, Chile, and Ecuador?
What country borders only Senegal and the Atlantic ocean?
What country is the 9th largest in area and the world's largest uranium producer?
The city of Montego Bay is located in what Caribbean island nation?
Sri Lanka has two capitals Colombo and what other city?
Botswana experienced tremendous growth in their economy due to the discovery of what natural resource?
What is the largest city in Nova Scotia?
What river is South America's second longest?
What sea does Azerbaijan border?
What country borders both Serbia and Slovakia?
What is the only French speaking country in Oceania?
What country is directly north of Sierra Leone?
What was the former name of Thailand?
What straight separates Spain from Morocco?
What is the worlds newest country?
Tajikistan has 3 official languages Tajiki, Russian, and what other language?
Before Gitega what was Burundi's capital?

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