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An Asian geography quiz with moderate and difficult Asian Geography questions.

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What is the capital of South Korea?
What is Asia's longest river?
What is the most populous city along China's east coast?
What is the most populous city in Pakistan?
What Asian country borders both the Persian Sea and the Caspian Sea?
What Asian country is the only to have a non rectangular flag?
The Malay Peninsula consists of Malaysia, Thailand, and what other country?
What monument in Cambodia is the world's largest religious monument?
What is the smallest of the Himalaya countries?
What Asian nation composed of many islands is off the coast of India in the Indian Ocean?
The Banh Mi a type of Vietnamese sandwich is an example of what European nations influence on the country?
What Asian capital city only allows approved residents of the country to live in it?
What Asian country borders only China and Russia.
What Asian country is double landlocked?
Iraq's two major rivers are the Tigris river and which other?
The World's most expensive beef is named after and served in what Japanese city?
What Indian city was formally known as Bombay?
What is Asia's youngest country?
What Ancient city in present day Jordan was thought to be the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom?
The city of Chittagong is the second largest in what Asian country?
What Asian country can be found on the island of Papua?
What is the official religion of Tajikistan?
What island nation is off the east coast of Saudi Arabia?
What country borders China, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan?
Cebu and Leyte are provinces in what asian country?
What Asian island country has many elephants?
The Luang monument can be found in what landlocked Asian country?
What Desert is located between Pakistan and India?
What Asian capital on the Varzob river is home to the world's second largest flagpole and is named after a poet?
What Asian countries currency is the worlds most valuable?

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