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Star, Genre, LocationFilm TitleQuote
Leonaro DiCaprio, Romance, Long Island
Ethan Hawke, Romance, Vienna
Leonardo DiCaprio, Crime/Suspense, Boston
Hugo Weaving, Action, London
Russell Crowe, Action, Rome
Kevin Costner, Sports, Iowa
Jack Nicholson, Suspense, Los Angeles
Ewen McGregor, Drama, Edinburgh
Ellen Burstyn, Horror, Georgetown
Audrey Tautou, Romance, Paris
Humphrey Bogart, Romance, Morocco
Gene Hackman, Crime/Suspense, New York
Martin Sheen, War, Vietnam
Brendan Fraser, Action, Egypt
Bradley Cooper, War, Iraq
Bill Murray, Comedy, Puxatawny
Al Pacino, Drama, New York
Matt Damon, Drama, Boston
Nathan Fillion, Sci-Fi, Space
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Action, Mars
Nicholas Cage, Action, San Francisco
Tom Berenger, Sports/Comedy,Cleveland
John Belushi, Comedy, Chicago
Jennifer Lawrence, Romance, Philadelphia
Owen Wilson, Comedy, Washington D.C.
Liam Neeson, Drama, Germany
Will Smith, Action, Miami
Mel Gibson, Action, Scotland
Will Ferrell, Comedy, San Diego
Ed Harris, Sci-Fi, Ocean

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