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Can you name the Canadian band/group who sang this hit song?

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Song TitleBandYear Released
The Unicorn1968
No Sugar Tonight1970
Heartbeat, It's a Lovebeat1973
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet1974
Spaceship Superstar1977
Raise a Little Hell1978
I Like To Rock1979
A Million Vacations1979
Thinking of You1980
This Beat Goes On/Switchin' to Glide1980
Echo Beach1980
Spirit of Radio1980
High School Confidential1980
Let's Shake1980
My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)1981
Lunatic Fringe1981
Your Daddy Don't Know1982
Rise Up1983
Where Is This Love1983
Scratching the Surface1983
When I'm With You1983
Safety Dance1983
Rock You1984
Standing in the Dark1984
Romantic Traffic1984
Song TitleBandYear Released
New Girl Now1984
Lovin' Every Minute of It1985
I'm An Adult Now1986
Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)1986
Welcome to My Life1987
Closer Together1987
Blow At High Dough1989
She Ain't Pretty1990
If I Had $1,000,0001992
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm1993
5 Days in May1993
Boneyard Tree1994
Turn the Lights On1999
Casual Viewin'2000
Somewhere Out There2002
Not Ready To Go2003
Feelin' Way Too Damn Good2004
Santa Monica2005
When The Night Feels My Song2005
Red Flag2006
We Are2008
Celebrity Status2010
I Don't Know2011

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