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Oldest Member in AA/Double A?He is the rapper and vocalist in AA.
The variety show which Infinite and A PINK are on?It's about animals.
The power voice in Teen Top?He's the lead vocalist and the second oldest in Teen Top.
MBLAQ's Thunder's noona?She's from 2NE1.
Youngest member of After school?She first performed with After School on the 31th of December, 2010.
The band which is under the same ent as CNBLUE?They sang Like birds,Hello Hello and Love Love Love.
Another name for SNSD?-No clues-
The Lady Hee Hee in SUJU?He wrote Orange Caramel's Shanghai Romance.
The group which sang BTD,Nothings Over and Be Mine?The maknae of this group is Sungjong.
The group which sang In Heaven?Jaejoong is one of the members.
SHINee's Key's real name?One of U-KISS's fomer member also has this name.
The bad boy rapper in Teen Top?He's the lead rapper and the third oldest in Teen Top.
MYNAME's debut song?-No clues-
One of Infinite's dogs?It's the brownish dog. Not the white one or the black one.
SHINee's leader?He's also the lead vocalist in SHINee
Block B's maknae?Taeil,B-Bomb,Jaehyo,U-Kwon,Kyung,Zico and ?
One of T-ara's members?Real name:Lee Jihyun
He was the second last member to join SUJUHe's nicknamed the 'Eternal Maknae' in SUJU
The choding in Infinite?He's also the tallest in Infinite
One of U-KISS's Japanese songs-no clues-
TVXQ Yunho's Nickname?-no clues-
f(x) leader?She's from China
Infinite's Woohyun and Sunggyu's couple name?-No clues-
JYJ Junsu's nickname.-No clues.
One of MBLAQ's song.The MV for this song was about Joon's girlfriend betraying him for Seungho.
One of Secret's member.She's a rapper in Secret.

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