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Has a golden arch (RESTURANT)
used to be a star or a yellow smiley face (STORE)
two white word's in a green oval (CAR)
a red target (STORE)
a 3-pointed star in a circle (CAR)
has a white arrow on a letter (ENERGY DRINK)
an old show with a character that's a devil (SHOW)
has a CN in a white and black box (CHANNEL)
4 silver ring's (CAR)
a T next to an earth (CHANNEL)
report's UFO or ghost video's to see if they are real or fake (SHOW)
it's a blue, white, and red ball (ENERGY DRINK)
has an H with a circle around it (HOTEL)
nick's most paopular show with the character 'patrick star' (SHOW)
used to be an orange paint splat (CHANNEL)
three triangles with a circle making a giant triangle (WEBSITE)
has 40,000 games (WEBSITE)
was canceled and it's also a game with goomba's (SHOW)
it's aan orange chrystal ball and it's what you are on now (WEBSITE)
3 sheilds in a silver circle (CAR)
it's a silver pentagon with a white star in it (CAR)
a golden diamond (CAR)
has a red square with 4 white letter's in it (TOY'S)
white lowercase F in a blue square (WEBSITE)
it has an orange arrow at the bottom (WEBSITE)
blue square with a GM in it and a white line under it (CAR)
has 2 E's in it (CAR)
a blue E with an orange ring around it (PROGRAM)
a silver bitten apple (ELECTRONICS)
it's named after china's landmark and it's a silver circle with an arrow in it (CAR)
it's a girl toy with a heart around it and 3 word's in it and it involve's ponie's (TOY'S)
has a yellow arrow on the last letter (RESTURANT)
the X is cut in half and it's in Las Vegas Nevada (CASINO)
has 3,000 games and it's to nickelodeon, too (WEBSITE)

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