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Can you name the Guess That Car Logo 2!?

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Blue F in a blue circleF____
Red & silver bat with a red word in the middle.A___
Red oval with a word in it.K__
Grey circle with a grey arrow going through it.O_____
Silver L in a silver cicle.L____
Silver S with a black word under it.S_____
Red & white checkered diamond with a black word in the middle.B_______
Silver Z turning inot a silver oval with a black word under it.Z______
White sliced T in a white square with a red backround and also a white word under it.T______
White word in a blue oval.D_____
Silver word with a silver line under it.A_____
Red word with a red line under it.W_____
Tall white word in a red circle.T____
Silver square with a silver plus in it.L______
2 white letter's in a blue circle. (it's the creator's logo, too!)A_
A silver jaguar with a silver word under it.J_____
White V and W in a blue circle and a white circle.V_________
Rellow rectangle with a black word in it.N____

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