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Can you name the Guess That Car Logo!?

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Two White Word's in a green oval.
A white word in a blue diamond.
Has 1 green word with 2 E's in it.
A golden plus.
A gilden diamond.
A white star in a silver pentagon.
A white ram in a black shield.
Square silver steering wheel with a silver H in it.
Red circle with 3 red letter's in it.
White word in a black circle with short wing's.
Silver V in a silver square.
White word in a blue oval.
Black shield with a golden bull and a golden word on the top.
Red oval with 60 white dot's around it and a white word in the middal.
White B in a small green circle with long wing's on it.
3 pointed star in a circle.
Two white letter's and a white line under it in a blue square with a wave.
Grey C next to a small yellow triangle.
Silver circle with a sideways silver thunderbolt.
Red R in a red circle.
6 silver star's in a blue oval.
3 shields in a black circle.
Black S connected to a black circle.
3 red diamond's making a triangle.
3 silver arrow's pointing up with a red word at the bottom.
Red arrow pointing down with a silver plus at the top.
White sliced T in a blue oval.
Red upside-down triangle with a white word in it.
Blue word in a blue square.
Red I with a black H behing it.
Blue circle with a giant white A with a silver word in it.

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