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Name the company that made the slogan.

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SloganCompany NameType of Company
Once you pop.. the fun don't stop.Potato Chips
Buy it. Sell it. Love it.Shopping Website
Today tastes so good.Fast Food
Betray your thirst.Soft Drink
Life's Good.Electronics
And you're done.Online Retailer
Let's make thigns better.Electronics
Lets all discover...Media
Look inside.Semiconductor Chips
Its everywhere you want it to be.Credit/Debit Card
SloganCompany NameType of Company
Coffee at its best.Coffee
The new standard for the world.Automobile Manufacturer
@ Yours to discover.Social Network
The best or nothing.Automobile Manufacturer
World heritage is our heritage.Specialized Agency
Connecting people.Telephones
its more than just oil.Oil
Caring for the environment.Non-Governmental Organization
Never Follow.Automobile Manufacturer
The largest number of mobile apps.Tablet/Smartphone

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