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Wearable napkins.
Four outdoor adventures across school campus.
Have it your way: EAT SOMEWHERE ELSE.
No experience driving a large truck? Good luck!
Mom's tired.
Also open when you're sober.
Priming us to never leave the house.
You've got questions, we've got nothing.
Never around when you need it.
Good for the environment. Horrible on the ears.
Shamefully change the station during pledge drives.
All you have to do for an ice cream sandwhich is go out and buy one.
Sweet, caffeinated nostalgia
Feel like a pill popper.
America eats a lot of donuts.
Don't expect luggage to arrive.
The shape of the bottle makes it taste better.
Kind of beer.
We didn't invent the chicken, just a teenage girl on Facebook.
Porn, porn and porn.
Nobody cares which Disney character you'd be.
I have NOT read the Terms and Conditions.
$2000 Facebook machines.
Google Wave 2.0
Just TRY using another search engine.
We still exist.
Honest SloganHonest Company Name
Mask bad photos with filters.
Flo is annoying.
The browser you use to download other browsers
Find out who's pregnant or engaged today.
The poor man's Whole Foods.
We serve you decaf if you're rude.
We'll leave the light on for you, bevause you're probably in a sketchy neighborhood.
The smell of regret.
Tiny edible plates.
We don't have coke.
Helps you pretend to like coffee.
Carpet cleaner in a bottle that can't spray down.
It's just another Email cluttering up your inbox.
Every issue promises perfect abs.
@#$% Television.
They are all the same flavor!
Junk food for your eyes.
Candy with directions.
Sex quizzes. Sex tips. Sex facts.
Almost food.
Fruit flavored wax.
Get money for absolutely anything.
The 'Six Second YouTube'
Just TRY leaving us...
The African Chrome!

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