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Guess the anime via the school name within the show

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Institution NameAnswerPremier Season
Sobu High School Spring 2013
Uranohoshi Girls' High SchoolSummer 2016
North High Spring 2006
Ashford Academy Fall 2006
Luna Nova Magical Academy Winter 2017
Kunugigaoka Middle SchoolWinter 2015
Pravda High School Fall 2012
Konoha Academy/Ninja Academy Fall 2002
Mitakihara Middle SchoolWinter 2011
Iwatobi High School Summer 2013
Kitauji High SchoolSpring 2015
Sakuragaoka High School Spring 2009
Fumizuki AcademyWinter 2010
Suimei University of the ArtsFall 2012
First High School Spring 2014
Institution NameAnswerPremier Season
Ouran Academy Spring 2006
Kamiyama High SchoolSpring 2012
Raira Academy Winter 2010
Tokiwadai Middle School Fall 2008
Tokyo-3 First Municipal Junior High SchoolFall 1995
IS Academy Winter 2011
Otonokizaka High SchoolWinter 2013
Mahora Academy Winter 2005
Queen's Mayfair Academy Summer 2017
Honnouji Academy Fall 2013
Sage Academy Fall 2012
U.A. High School Spring 2016
Death Weapon Meister Academy Spring 2008
Totsuki Culinary AcademySpring 2015
Mihama Middle School Fall 2013

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