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Here is a word ladder that is ridiculously long. Oh boy! Each word is four letters.

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An area to swim in
An idiot
When a ball leaves court
A number
The English translation of Latin 'libere'
Not rich
Something to open or close
Certain demise or death
To hang over
The sound a cannon makes
A shoe
Something to sail in
Another word for tempo
The emotion of being scared
A rip
A group aiming for a common goal
Lines in fabric
To use fire on
A psychic or soothsayer
To glare angrily
A long vegetable known for being twirled
A place water pops out from
To shift weight diagonally
Not nice
Lima, Green, Pimento, Jumping
To give a baby milk
To dress
To tease
Blue, heavy pants
___ of Arc
Surrounds a castle
A horned mammal
A touchdown or three pointer
Baby horse
Tin, aluminum, plans
Used in sandcastle building
Brother of Abel
Jaws rest here, just above the neck
Thinly cut friend potatoes
A stick for torn lips
To smack two hands together
Similar to an oyster
Clash of the ____s
A plot or idea
What one does to toys or games
To smite or kill
To smack in the face
The bird does this
A fancy gelatinous dessert
In music, the opposite of sharp
An Italian car manufacturer
An accomplishment
Tidy or clean
Beat the...
What an ear does
A green fruit
To look through
A baby bird makes this sound
Not shallow
Ownership certificate to a home
Someone who could use help is in...

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