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QUIZ: Can you name the Soul Eater Characters (Anime)

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Ingenious inventor from 800 years ago.
The 99th Kishin Soul
Annoying father
'The doors only open one way y'know,'
Striped hair, loves symmetrical things.
Lives under the DWMA
Episode 3, he has wrath.
(Name of the show)
Not Yale.
Loves dissections...
Two fighters who guard Brew's key.
'Not Tadpole Jackson!'
Le Head Honcho
Ninja tool
Squiggly Glasses
Almost steals a train.
Snakes, oh my!
Little, red and no sense of style...
Pumpkins on fire :)
Master swordsman.
Black blood embodiment.
Meganerdy Death Scythe
Mouse witch
Older brother of a ninja tool.
Scythe Meister
Mummy knife
Episode 3, ugly lady.
'Back when I was alive...'
Chainsaw breakdancing mean dude.
Pink haired girl... (NOT SAKURA)
Chameleon witch.
Head of the DWMA
Catwoman gone wrong.
Blue haired brat...
He always saves the day!
A stone contraption from Europe's puppeteers.
Gauntlet wielder.
♪♫I'm going to CALIFORNIA!!!♫♪
Big nose, old face.
Cute Dragon
Hammer Death Scythe
'Wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf.'
Breakdancing Gauntlet (Thing #2)
Always has headphones in his ear...
Breakdancing Gauntlet (Thing #1)
Twin Pistol
Twin Pistol

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