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Forced Order
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Block teleporters to re-route them.CC1
Blue walls may be fake. Some invisible walls never appear. There can be extra chips.CC1
Collect chips to get past the chip socket. Use keys to open doors.CC1
Make those pesky monsters follow a path to the door trigger.CC1
Match the inner to the outer. A perfect match.CC1
Monsters are stopped by dirt and gravel.CC1
Press Ctrl+R (or choose Restart from the Level menu) to restart any level.CC1
Push blocks into water to make dirt. Watch out for monsters.CC1
Push the blocks to the correct island to reach the exit.CC1
Remember sjum.CC1
Special thanks also to the WEP 4 test team!CC1
Suction-boots for force floors. Fire boots for fire. Flippers for water. Skates for ice.CC1
Teleport direction sequence 1st rdul 2nd lulu.CC1
Teleports can be directional. The thief takes your tools. New walls can appear under you.CC1
The blue button controls the tanks. The green button toggles walls. Sometimes things are hidden under blocks.CC1
The eigth block is open.CC1
The red button controls the clone machine. The brown button opens traps.CC1
This spot would be too obvious!CC1
Walk the lines of this inscribed pentagram to avoid its curse.CC1
What was the name of this level?CC1
You don't need the fire boots, but they could help later on.CC1
Be careful of your blocks, they can't be replaced.CCLP2
Beware: This is both mad AND a maze. You have been WARNED!CCLP2
Block sure is useful.CCLP2
Break open the walls, and grab the chips hidden inside. Watch out for walkers!!!CCLP2
Can you recognise me???CCLP2
Chips may be under blocks.CCLP2
Choose the right block after the chip socketCCLP2
Dear Chip, In some ways this will be the most important level for you. So, cypher, Chip, cypher! Secretly, Melinda.CCLP2
Don't collect any computer chips unless you are way ahead of the teeth monster.CCLP2
Don't get lost!CCLP2
Don't let the guards see you.CCLP2
Don't waste your keys.CCLP2
Exit corner.CCLP2
I filled this level with monsters, spys and traps to guard my chips. Look out for items under blocks. MelindaCCLP2
Keep your pets in view at all times.CCLP2
No fast maneuvers or split-second timing required here! Just use your brain.CCLP2
NOT! You're far from done!CCLP2
Now that you're in, collect the security cards and go on the next room. Don't set of the security system.CCLP2
Oh no! Chip has been taken to a prison camp island. Can he escape?CCLP2
One path to doom, two to openings, and three to salvation.CCLP2
Restart if you end up in a dead end.CCLP2
Run faster then ever to get through this one alive.CCLP2
Symbolically, what kind of armor do you want to use a block as? Think of them as old-fashioned nails.CCLP2
The middle square can be thought of as a map, if you want.CCLP2
There are very few safe spots here for Chip to stop at. Keep on running!CCLP2
There is one exit.CCLP2
Translate anything initially not ice or water from SGA.CCLP2
Um, you can't go this way. It looks like your house has been flooded.CCLP2
Use them carefully!CCLP2
What you need is 'Sphere-y Hot'!CCLP2
When brushing teeth, use three up-and-down motions.CCLP2
Who is the Fourth?CCLP2
Worried yet?CCLP2
Wow! You made it this far?!CCLP2
You are almost done!CCLP2
You are standing on a hint tile.CCLP2
You need to hit one button twice.CCLP2
You'll have to break the baseball rules in this level!CCLP2
...and a block solution too.CCLP3
Block the guards in and get the required items in order to escape.CCLP3
But Princess Melinda is in another castle.CCLP3
Can you find your way out of this rubble?CCLP3
Can you hold down the three trap buttons below the force floors?CCLP3
Collect blocks to get past the chip socket. Watch out for open doors.CCLP3
Collect the chips and guide a path for the fireball.CCLP3
Cross the bottom row room by room, but then...CCLP3
Don't be so quick to pick up everything you see!CCLP3
Don't get freezer burn!CCLP3
Don't sink your teeth.CCLP3
Each creature can be quite a character, huh?CCLP3
Get your blocks through the track and into the watery finish line, where the exit awaits!CCLP3
Guided tourism can be fun for fireballs. Guide them around the area and make sure all of them make it to the dock.CCLP3
How long can you hold your breath?CCLP3
I wouldn't push this button if I were you.CCLP3
If you're still alive after reading this hint, you can also push blocks while walking past them.CCLP3
Just below you is the alarm system; don't set it off until you're ready to make a break for it!CCLP3
Killers roam the halls of this mansion, which -- by eerie coincidence -- is laid out much like a popular game board!CCLP3
Left to their own devices, they turn left.CCLP3
Lots of ghosts roam in this mansion. It's your job to roam past them!CCLP3
Make sure the red button is never pressed. Traps are ordered from bottom to top.CCLP3
Make sure you've got a green key before moving on.CCLP3
None of the blue walls are real.CCLP3
Press this button three times.CCLP3
Push a block across the blue button. Brown buttons connect vertically.CCLP3
Remember how to play?CCLP3
Remember, trap buttons can be held down by multiple means...CCLP3
Sometimes mistakes are inevitable. Make sure you learn from them, though!CCLP3
Starting here, number the traps clockwise 1 to 5. 1 and 3 are open. Use the blue buttons to rotate them clockwise.CCLP3
Surely there's no chance of you escaping this abandoned oil rig, huh, Chip...?CCLP3
The exit's in...that direction!CCLP3
The extra clone buttons on the way are connected to this clone machine.CCLP3
The glider is your ticket out of here! Don't release it until the column of bombs is cleared.CCLP3
The green key comes last.CCLP3
The keys are your keys to success. Spend some time, but not too much, on them.CCLP3
The red button on the ice slide at far left is connected to the clone machine next to the trap column.CCLP3
The red button should be pressed only once.CCLP3
The traps are connected horizontally.CCLP3
This has been called 'suicide beach' by some unfortunate souls. We sincerely wish you better luck than they.CCLP3
This is NOT the time to be stopping to read hints!CCLP3
This level is possible too!CCLP3
Those fireballs are on your back! Now that you're in the city, go into the deserted house and guide them to the bombs!CCLP3
To get past the bomb, clone a block and maneuver it.CCLP3
Traps are connected in reverse reading order (right to left, bottom to top).CCLP3
Try a less obvious solution. Think outside the box.CCLP3
Use as many blocks as you can to clean up this mess.CCLP3
Use the blue key below to access the bomb storage room!CCLP3
Use the pop-up walls to your advantage.CCLP3
Use what you've learned to lead you through your many challenges.CCLP3
Watch out for trolls! All blue walls are real.CCLP3
Yes, not all the chips are required. Which ones should you get to get the fastest time?CCLP3
You don't need the fire boots, but they could help later on.CCLP3
You got the green key under the block!CCLP3
You were too greedy.CCLP3
You'll be facing everything you've come across here. Hold on tight and take it one room at a time!CCLP3
You're almost done!CCLP3
You're gonna need all the chips!CCLP3
A blue wall square has landed on top of the thin wall diamond! Can you find your way out?CCLP1
A fool and his fire boots are soon parted...CCLP1
Ahoy there, Chip! Check the upper and lower decks of the galleon for treasure. Oh, and watch out for pirates!CCLP1
All the blocks in this level have gravel under them.CCLP1
As long as a block, monster, or Chip holds down a brown button, a corresponding bear trap is opened.CCLP1
Beware of the teeth!CCLP1
Blobs move randomly at half of Chip's speed.CCLP1
Blocking a teleport with blocks or other stuff could end in an unexpected result.CCLP1
Blocks can be pushed by Chip to blow up bombs and build bridges.CCLP1
Blue walls can be fake. Recessed walls appear as you cross them. Some walls are permanently invisible.CCLP1
Can you find all of the treasure inside this pyramid?CCLP1
Can you get the chip and get back? If not, go that way second.CCLP1
Chip, your room is #501. Don't go pushing on our blue walls or you might break them!CCLP1
Clear the dirt tile above only after hitting the blue button. Then run to beat the fireball to the end!CCLP1
Collect all the required chips to open up a socket and exit. Use keys to open doors. Green keys can be used infinitely.CCLP1
Don't hit the red button more than eight times! On the brown buttons, left is left, and right is right.CCLP1
Each tank button can only be pressed once.CCLP1
Every block on these planets holds chips under it!CCLP1
Explore the ancient temple and find the Mystical Chip of Epic Coolness.CCLP1
Find the red key, green button, yellow key, fire boots, blue key, and exit.CCLP1
Flippers let you swim. Fire boots let you walk through fire. Watch out for moving objects.CCLP1
Gliders are the only creatures that can survive in water.CCLP1
Green buttons control toggle doors. Blue buttons control tanks. Red buttons activate clone machines.CCLP1
Let's put your button knowledge to good use! Don't forget that monsters can, at times, be your allies.CCLP1
May the Force be with you!CCLP1
On your right, wait for a monster to pass in front of you before moving another space.CCLP1
Oops! I dropped my green key! I'd better go and find a way to get it back...CCLP1
Other than wall, what negates force floors from carrying you?CCLP1
Pressing the green button more than once is not recommended without assistance.CCLP1
Psst! There's a pattern for figuring out how many ways there are out of each room, Chip!CCLP1
Psst! Try HIUR for a password.CCLP1
Psyche, psyche, psyche! Bounce back and forth to collect chips and shoes. Alley oop!CCLP1
Reach the locomotive to unlock the emergency exit and escape the train!CCLP1
Red switches will activate the toggle doors for 2.6 seconds.CCLP1
Red with a twist. Orange of the fire. Green of tourmaline. And mellow yellow hello, hello.CCLP1
Rent 1 boot at a time to explore this elemental playground. Get 8 chips using each boot.CCLP1
Ride schedule today - Carousel, Ghost Train, Fun House, Ghost Train, Mirror Room and Fireball Show.CCLP1
Search for a thief. Do not get any red keys.CCLP1
Skates and suction boots let you move freely on ice and force floors. You can step off force floors while moving.CCLP1
Sometimes things are hidden under blocks.CCLP1
Sometimes, levels contain unneeded extra boots.CCLP1
Space travellers should be aware of blackhole ahead. Space enemies, you're welcomed in.CCLP1
The exit is right here. Use the pink balls to access it.CCLP1
The first four rows will show you where to bowl your blocks in three lanes. Gravel = Bombs. Dirt = Chips.CCLP1
The slide below is for fireballs only! Make sure they're there before going through another red door.CCLP1
The thief tile steals your footgear. Teleporters transport you to another teleporter.CCLP1
There are 25 chips here, but you only need 20.CCLP1
This block is your friend.CCLP1
This trap is controlled by the button in the left side of this section.CCLP1
Those two fireballs are trying to rob your house! Capture them inside with your booby traps, then escape!CCLP1
Use brown buttons to wake the king bug or queen paramecium. All blue walls are solid.CCLP1
Use cover on both sides to avoid being sniped.CCLP1
Use keys to buy time. All blue walls are solid. Have 20 chips left after the first maze.CCLP1
Use the keys wisely!CCLP1
Use these five keys to remove the three walls that make this maze impossible.CCLP1
Welcome to Chip Grove City! Go through the city and get inside the Bit Buster's Club building, the one with the sockets.CCLP1
Yellow bugs turn left at every opportunity and paramecia turn right at every opportunity. Dirt and gravel block monsters.CCLP1
Yes you have to deal with the walkers. Lucky for you, there's a few waterholes here!CCLP1
You are the last hope.CCLP1
You can look at the chips, but don't touch them!CCLP1
You can push this block down the edges of the center room and extract it at the bottom.CCLP1
You have now entered a world that has been naturally ruined. All chips are under blocks.CCLP1

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