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Can you name the trivia questions from the episode of 'The Simpsons' Cape Fear?

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What does Mcbain accuse the audience of being 
What was tattooed on homers but 
What did Moe have in his storeroom 
What publication did Sideshow bob write to with his own blood? 
What did Sideshow bob call Chief Wiggum?  
Who does homer say he wants his new identity to be? 
What was Homer Simpsons new name?  
What song did they sing on the way to Terror Lake?  
How many times doe Sideshow Bob walk into a rake?  
During the parade, what is Terror Lake saluting with elephants?  
What hotel was Sideshow bob staying at?  
Was Homer drugged? 
What was at the front of the Boat that made Bart reconsider jumping?  
“What did Bart ask Sideshow bob to sing the entire score for?”  
Finish the Quote1
“It’s also illegal to put ________ in your pants for the purposes of gambling”  
When asked why Patty was thinking of killing Selma, she replied, “She’s always leaving the ______ ____ up”  
“No one who speaks ______ could be an evil man”  
“Oh I’ll stay away from your son alright, stay away…. ___________”  
Finish the Quote2
“Hey kids, want to drive through that _______ patch?”  
“I’m cold and there are _______ after me”  
“BART, YOU WANT TO SEE MY __________ AND ____________!?”  
When the police arrested Bob, they said, “It’s lucky you drifted by this _______” 
3 things on Sideshow Bob’s to do list
4 places the Simpsons could relocate to

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