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Either Han was stuck in an asteroid field for months or Luke completed his training in just a few days.Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
He was surprised to find out he was dead even though the whole world ignored him except for one little boy.The Sixth Sense
Although the space ship staffed by humans and apes crashed on the planet, the horses just appeared on an otherwise barren planet.Planet of the Apes
Never, ever feed them after midnight. But when does after midnight end? Gremlins
In the original movie we are told only living tissue can pass through the time portal, yet
T-1000 is made of liquid metal.
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
The protagonist's family doesn't notice that he looks exactly like his mom's ex-boyfriend from 30 years ago.Back to the Future
The women are all shown as robots until the end, where they were all just under electronic mind control.The Stepford Wives
The whole movie revolves around uncovering the mystery of this man's last words... that no one actually heard.Citizen Kane
The land behind the fence is level to them before it starts raining (you see a goat in a cage), and then it turns into a giant pit.Jurassic Park
Although the machines possess nuclear fusion reactors that would produce far more energy than humans, why do they farm humans for energy?The Matrix
Plot hole Movie % Correct
The aliens are allergic to water, yet for some reason they chose to try to take over a planet that's covered in it. And has rain.Signs
They were immortal so long as they were apart, yet they fought each other and neither was harmed.Hancock
Evil alien robots can find a pair of glasses on eBay and hack into sophisticated government computer systems, but can't just place a bid on the glasses.Transformers
Despite magic-walking underwater and coin-locating abilities, why do the villains feel the need to negotiate when our heroine threatens to drop the coin into shallow water?Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
When the main villain faked his own death by hanging, our doctor checked his pulse to ensure that he was dead. And not, you know, his neck.Sherlock Holmes
The villain needs some information from our hero (but doesn't know his secret identity) so decides to throw a taxi at the one lead he has. Spider-Man 2
He is the most wanted man in France, but he somehow flies on a commercial jetliner back to the United States.Taken
The main villain wants revenge so bad, he's willing to wait in the same place for 25 years until the two heroes are smart and skilled before he can resume his vendetta.Star Trek
Earth has been occupied by aliens for 1000 years, yet car tires are still pressurized, books are still intact and jets can take off and fly.Battlefield Earth
Despite his lack of giant freezers and cranes, our protagonist is still able to get blocks of ice into the attic.Edward Scissorhands

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