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SubplotThe One Where/Withblah
Rachel first meets Paolo.1
Phoebe and Rachel take a literature class together5
Chandler questions his sexuality when a co-worker wants to arrange a date for him with another guy. 1
Monica and Rachel lose the apartment in a bet with Joey and Chandler4
Monica and Phoebe takes care of a guy in coma1
Rachel and Monica play rock paper scissor to decide who gets the last condom2
Joey gets Chandler a friendship bracelet2
Joanna gets hit by a cab and dies4
Phoebe and Monica try out Waxine3
Joey finds about Monica and Chandler5
Joey attempts to build an entertainment centre3
Phoebe becomes possessed by the spirit of a dead women2
The gang decides to take Phoebe to Atlantic City because she missed out on London5
Joey wears all of Chandler's clothes3
Monica demonstrates the 7 erogenous zones to Chandler 4

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