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Can you name the words that form a cyclic chain?

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One trillion (1012) cycles per second (9)
Historical Russian emperor (4)
Fleet of ships (6)
Giant Asian radish also called a mooli (6)
Study of tumours (8)
Equestrian competition (8)
Compound with formula C10H8 commonly used in mothballs (11)
Ignorance (9)
Medical term for earwax (7)
Something extremely puzzling or mysterious (6)
Mosquito-borne infectious disease (7)
Metrical foot consisting of a short syllable followed by a long one (4)
African musical instrument also called a thumb piano (5)
Extremely hungry (8)
Moneylending at an exorbitant interest rate (5)
Cereal grass, species Secale cereale (3)
The abominable snowman (4)
Italian coffee cake made with mascarpone (8)
Constitutional capital of Bolivia (5)
Steadfast, determined (8)

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