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Can you name the words with more vowel letters than consonant letters?

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The middle classes; (Marxism) the capitalist classes
(poetic) Beautiful
Ideal, often unrealistically perfect place
Bold, daring
(mycology) (said of a parasitic fungus) Inhabiting a single host throughout its life
(prosody; plural) Stops or breaks in the middle of a line or verse (e.g. of poetry)
(pathology) Any of several diseases which affect the bone marrow and result in abnormally high numbers of white blood cells
An immeasurably long time
Microscopic single-celled protozoan organism
(cookery) Garlic mayonnaise
(law) A person to whom property is transferred
(volcanology) A type of rough, basaltic lava
A line of people, etc., waiting for something
A word whose sound imitates what it represents; the use of such words
A passion for or obsession with wine
Either of two giant Californian coniferous trees
Monetary unit of Mauritania
(plural) Areas in theatres, halls, etc. where the audience sits
Strange, weird, creepy
Watery; containing water

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