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Can you name the Nintendo DS games from their subtitles?

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SubtitleMain title
And the Diabolical Box
In the Puzzling Adventure
Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict
Wild World
The Adventures of Kai and Zero
Touch & Go
Dachshund and Friends
Digging Strike
The Ward
Clash of Heroes
Under the Knife
Park Patrol
Shadow Dragon
World at War
Rocket Slime
March of the Minis
A Fantasy Harvest Moon
Devil Survivor
Portrait of Ruin
SubtitleMain title
On Tour
Revenant Wings
The Fallen King
The Blade of Fate
Dragon Sword
Phantom Hourglass
D.I.Y./Do It Yourself
Room 215
Deadly Silence
Canvas Curse/Power Paintbrush
Dinner with Friends
Chinatown Wars
The Dark Brotherhood
Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations
Legend of the Unemployed Ninja
Bowser's Inside Story
Explorers of Time
Heroes of Lagaard

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