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Can you name the Wii games from their subtitles?

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SubtitleMain title
Desperate Struggle
Ultimate All-Stars
Wii Degree
The Forgotten Sands
Star Successor [US]/Successor of the Skies [PAL]
Farewell Ruins of the Moon
Mask of the Lunar Eclipse
Shake It! [US]/The Shake Dimension [PAL]
R – A Journey into Lost Memories [PAL only]
Radiant Dawn
Outdoor Challenge [US only]
Marble Mania [US only]
Trick Racing
Dawn of the New World
Kindred Spirits
Innocent Aces
Dark Legend
The Adventure ReBirth
City Folk
Winter of the Melodias
My Life as a King
Tree of Tranquility
SubtitleMain title
Hottest Party
The Umbrella Chronicles
Kettei-Ban [JP only]
TV Party
New Blood
25th Anniversary Edition
Chop Till You Drop
Pikachu's Adventure
Banana Blitz
Blue World [US]/Adventures of the Deep [PAL]
Other M
Build, Trade, Destroy
Big Willy Unleashed
Smooth Moves
Bikini Zombie Slayers
Quest for Barbaros' Treasure
Day of Crisis
Skyward Sword
The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors
The Three Shape Arcade
Towering Adventure!
Journey of Dreams
The Grudge

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