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QUIZ: Can you name the PS2 games from their subtitles?

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SubtitleMain title
Journey of the Cursed King
The Legendary Adventure
Future Perfect
Shattered Skies [US]/Distant Thunder [PAL]
The Quest for Color [US only]
From the New World
The Mega Quiz
The Ancients' Gates
Viggo's Revenge
Till the End of Time
Dawn of the Samurai [US only]
Act Cadenza
Arenas of Destruction
The Precursor Legacy
Dark Lineage
Duel Saga
Lament of Innocence [US only]
Rocks the 80s
Digital Devil Saga
Melody of Elemia
Budokai Tenkaichi
Shadow King [US only]
Hour of Darkness
The Ark of Napishtim
The Omega Strain
SubtitleMain title
Shattered Soldier
Fatal Shadows
The 2nd Runner
Command Mission
Eternal Mana
Final Fantasy VII
U.S. Navy SEALs
The Mindgate Conspiracy
Street Racing
Invasion Day [PAL only]
Der Wille zur Macht
Dark Alliance
Point of Impact
The Gate of Eternity
Fire Warrior
Dark Legacy
World at War: Final Fronts
2econd Coming
San Andreas
Dante's Awakening
The Room
Crimson Butterfly
Samurai's Destiny
SubtitleMain title
Chronicles of the Sacred Tome
The Conspiracy
Alchemists of Al-Revis
The Eternal Night
The Ancient City [US only]
Going Commando [US]/Locked and Loaded [PAL]
Dead Aim
Road Rage
Another Age
Pumped & Primed
Zero Gravity
Viking Warlord
Report from Hell
Playground of Destruction
The Lost Planet
Lunatea's Veil
Band of Thieves
Super Bombad Racing
The Wrath of Cortex
Call of the King
Sons of Liberty
Dragon Quarter
Agent Under Fire

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