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Can you name the arcade games from their subtitles?

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SubtitleMain title
The Night Warriors
Revenge of Doh
Kizuna Jigoku Tachi (“Hellbound Bonds”) [JP only]
Time Warp
Operation Thunderstorm
United by Fate
The Revenge of Death Adder
Monster Lair [JP only]
Mark of the Wolves
Gun Fighters
Strategic Operations Simulator
Battle on the Edge
New Age of Heroes
Never Forget Me… [JP only]
Planet of Zoom
SubtitleMain title
Hyper Beast Duel [PAL only]
Shadow over Mystara
SVC Chaos
Marble Madness II [unreleased]
King of the Beetles [JP only]
World Tour
The Path of the Warrior
The Rosetta Stone
Survival of the Fittest
The Battle of Midway
The Power Battle
2nd Squad
SaiDaiOuJou [JP only]
3rd Strike

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