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Can you name the games to which the given games are sequels?

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SequelOriginal gameOriginal release
Congo's CaperArcade, 1991
Total CarnageArcade, 1990
SkullmonkeysWindows, 1996
Project JusticeArcade, 1997
MillipedeArcade, 1981
RivenMac OS, 1993
GalagaArcade, 1979
Pocky & RockyArcade, 1986
Jungle StrikeMega Drive, 1992
Fade to BlackAmiga, 1992
The Rescue of Princess BlobetteNES, 1989
Victory RoadArcade, 1986
Dark ChroniclePS2, 2000
AmplitudePS2, 2001
Aqua AquaN64, 1998
Ghouls'n GhostsArcade, 1985
SequelOriginal gameOriginal release
Operation ThunderboltArcade, 1987
Sid Meier's Railroads!Windows, 2003
Yoshi's StorySNES, 1995
HexenMS-DOS/Mac OS, 1994
Last Window: The Secret of Cape WestDS, 2007
Rainbow IslandsArcade, 1986
StargateArcade, 1980
Alice: Madness ReturnsWindows, 2000
Jet Set WillyZX Spectrum, 1983
Doomdark's RevengeZX Spectrum, 1984
Shadow HeartsPSX, 1999
Day of the TentacleC64/Apple II, 1987
The 11th HourWindows, 1993
The Return of IshtarArcade, 1984
StingerArcade, 1985

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