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NationalityNameFamous for...
PolishHis undefinability theorem, and the sphere-duplicating paradox co-authored with Stefan Banach
GermanCo-developing the standard consistent axiomatization of set theory; proposing the axiom of choice
AmericanDiscovering with William Howard for discovering the correspondence between constructive proofs and computer programs
BritishEponymous diagrams used to show pictorially the relationships between sets
GermanBegriffsschrift; inventing the turnstile symbol
Austro-AmericanHis incompleteness theorems
GreekThe Organon, one of the oldest extant treatises on logic
AmericanExpanding the then-embryonic field of relational logic; discovering that all binary operations can be written in terms of NAND or NOR
EnglishDeveloping a theory of binary logic
GermanHis program which sought to provide firm foundations for all of mathematics; providing the standard axiomatization of Euclidean geometry
AmericanInventing the lambda calculus and formalizing the notion of an algorithm
NorwegianPioneering model theory; theorem with Löwenheim on models of countable first-order theories
NationalityNameFamous for...
BritishTwo laws relating OR and NOT to each other via negation; coining the term 'induction'
AmericanFounding and developing modal logic
GermanProving the consistency of the next mathematician's axioms for the natural numbers; introducing sequent calculus
ItalianProposing the standard axiomatization of the natural numbers
EnglishHis theorem which is one of the standard examples of a theorem unprovable in the previous mathematician's arithmetic
AmericanProving the independence of the continuum hypothesis and the axiom of choice from ZF
GermanCo-discovering with the next mathematician that if there are injections both ways between two sets, then there is a bijection between the sets
GermanFounding set theory and the concept of infinite cardinals
BritishParadox of 'set of all sets that do not contain themselves'; co-authoring Principia Mathematica with Alfred Whitehead
AmericanHis unary 'star' operation; regular expressions; founding computability theory
GermanThe Entscheidungsproblem; his concept of the universal 'calculus ratiocinator'
EnglishFormalizing the concept of an algorithm with his abstract calculating machines; proving the undecidability of the halting problem

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