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DefinitionWordFurther etymology
Person with obsessive and often niche interests, especially with regard to anime, manga or video games
Japanese art of flower arrangement
Antiquated term for the Emperor of Japan, and the title of a famous Gilbert & Sullivan opera
Japanese 'rice wine'
Poem in three lines or phrases consisting of five, seven and five syllables (or morae), respectively
Traditional Japanese weapon consisting of two wooden sticks connected with a chain
Japanese battle cry
Farewell, goodbye
Cloth-filled mattress placed on the floor for sleeping, then rolled up and stored when not in use
(Zen Buddhism) A nonsensical question or paradox given to a student for meditation
Current capital of Japan
Plant native to Japan whose spicy root is often served with sushi, etc.
Proprietary name of an egg-shaped handheld electronic toy containing a virtual pet, extremely popular in the nineties
Bright yellow Namco video game character given to eating dots and avoiding ghosts
Poetic English nickname for Japan
DefinitionWordFurther etymology
Japanese art of growing dwarf trees and shrubs, or one of the plants themselves
Japanese dish of sliced raw fish
Proprietary brand of Japanese melon liqueur
Japanese martial art that uses techniques to disable opponents by using their own weight and strength against them
Japanese unit of currency
Proposed fifth basic taste, corresponding to the 'savoury' flavour of monosodium glutamate and related compounds
In the Street Fighter series of video games: a blast of chi energy produced by Ryu, Ken, Sakura, etc., canonically executed by inputting ↓↘→ + punch
Japanese massage therapy in which pressure is applied to the body with the thumbs, fingers and palms
Covert mercenary of feudal Japan trained in assassination and espionage
Any of various Japanese organized crime syndicates
In Western usage: sexually explicit anime, manga, video games, etc. from Japan
Traditional Japanese form of wrestling, often said to be Japan's national sport
Japanese dish of vegetables or seafood battered and deep-fried
Hereditary commander of the Japanese army
Ritual suicide by disembowelment, most often committed by disgraced samurai

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