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Quiz Updated Mar 6, 2012

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DefinitionWordFurther etymology
Fictional giant monster that first appeared in an eponymous 1954 film
Exceptionally fast-growing climbing vine, now considered a pest weed in the West
Logic puzzle that involves filling a 9x9 grid with the numbers 1-9 under certain rules
Dish of vinegared rice topped with raw fish or other seafood
A two-wheeled cart powered by a bicycle or runner
White foodstuff produced by coagulating soybean milk
Throwing star or blade used especially in ninjutsu
Japanese art of paper folding
Mutant seedless mandarin orange native to Japan
Stylized Japanese comic books and graphic novels
A leader or chief, as in the military
Japanese system of unarmed self-defense which focuses on striking sensitive areas with the fists and feet
Japanese bullet train
Member of a feudal Japanese warrior caste
Large ocean wave caused by an earthquake or volcanic eruption
Traditional long-sleeved Japanese robe, often ornately decorated
Wealthy business magnate
Japanese pilot trained for suicide attacks during World War II
Proprietary video cassette format released by Sony in the 1970s, later superseded by VHS
Musical entertainment involving singing along to popular songs
Traditional female Japanese entertainer trained in classical music, dance, etc.
School of Mahāyāna Buddhism particularly prevalent in Japan

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