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Can you name the 20 words partially or wholly derived from Latin 'facere', 'to make, to do'?

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DefinitionWordFurther etymology
Spanish estate
Truth; something that is true
Candy and sweetmeats
Remarkable act or achievement
(mathematics) The product of all natural numbers less than or equal to a given natural number
Forged or copied, as money may be
Promoting peace; Earth's largest ocean
Exact copy; machine for sending such copies
Prevailing or popular style, said particularly of clothes
To irritate or erode by rubbing; to annoy
DefinitionWordFurther etymology
Something (often unusual) found sexually desirable
To fix, to remedy
School pupil given official authority over others
An opening in the human body
Business; illicit sexual relationship
Man-made, imitation
Pertaining to the sense of smell
Adequate in amount, enough
Driver of a private automobile, especially a limousine
Turned to stone; extremely frightened

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