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Forced Order
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Which house has a sword across a falling white star on a purple field as their coat-of-arms?
What is the name of the predatory cats found beyond the Wall and in the Mountains of the Moon?
What house has the ancestral seat of Evenfall Hall?
Which house has a white merman on a blue-green field as their coat-of-arms?
Which Pentoshi serves as the military commander of the mercenary company the Windblown?
What is the name given to a wandering knight who has no master?
What is the ancestral seat of House Connington?
Where in Westeros would you find the Chamber of the Painted Table?
What is the name of the battle outside the gates of Qohor, where the Unsullied fended of 25,000 Dothraki horsemen?
Who was King during the Conquest of Dorne?
What is the ancestral seat of House Drumm?
Of the nineteen castles on the Wall, which was the first to be built?
Who was the famous warrior-queen of the Rhoynar people?
Which of the Blackfyre Pretenders was referred to as Bittersteel?
What large river in the Reach flows through the Citadel of Oldtown?
What is the largest structure in the city of Meereen?
What house has the ancestral seat of Ashemark?
What is the ancestral seat of House Glover?
What alcoholic drink is the Free City of Tyrosh famous for?
What is the largest animal Varamyr Sixskins can warg into?
The Eyrie sits astride what large mountain peak?
What is the emblem of the slaver's city known as Astapor?
What house has the ancestral seat of Duskendale?
The Tyrells of Highgarden can trace their descent back to which legendary King of the Reach?
Timett son of Timett rules as Red Hand in which mountain clan?
The war of succession between Aegon II and Rhaenyra I is often referred to as what?
Prince Garin the Great led an army of a quarter of a million men against what empire?
What is the chief deity associated with Dothraki culture?
The Guild of the Faceless Men worship what god?
Who did Hoster Tully of Riverrun take as his wife?
The Pureborn of Qarth rule their city from what seat of government?
What house has six white shells on a yellow field as their coat-of-arms?
What is the name given to the series of battlements that leads into the Vale of Arryn from the Mountains of the Moon?
On what street in King's Landing would you find the Guildhall of the Alchemist's?
What house has the ancestral seat of Heart's Home?
What is the name given to the deities of stone, earth and tree, who are now only worshipped in the north of Westeros?
What is the large bay in the Stormlands along the eastern coast of Westeros called?
What do the Warlocks of Qarth drink that makes their lips go blue?
Who served as Hand of the King during the reign of Aegon I?
Who served as Master of Laws in the Small Council of King Robert?
The Drowned God of the Iron Islands is also known as what?
What is the name of the massive, swamp-dwelling reptiles found in the Neck?
Which house has black iron studs on a bronze field, bordered with runes as their coat-of-arms?
Which house has a sea turtle on a green field as their coat-of-arms?
What is the ancestral seat of House Bracken?
Who serves as maester for House Arryn of the Vale?
When the Andals attacked Westeros, where did they first land?
Which King-Beyond-the-Wall blew the Horn of Winter, and awoke giants from the earth?
Where in Winterfell would one go if they were to worship the Old Gods?
Who served as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard during the reign of Aerys II?
Which Lyseni pirate fights for Stannis Baratheon during the War of the Five Kings?
What stronghold in the Westerlands guards the main pass into the Riverlands?
What house has the ancestral seat of Goldengrove?
Which house has two scythes counterchanged on a black and silver field as their coat-of-arms?
Asides from beyond the Wall, where in the known world might you find mammoths?
What is the accustomed surname for bastards born in the Crownlands?
What is the name of the holy text of the Faith of the Seven?
What house has the ancestral seat of Lemonwood?
Which house has a grape cluster on an azure field as their coat-of-arms?
Who are the Giants referring to when they say Woh Dak Nag Gram?
What is the name of the major road in Westeros which begins near King's Landing and extends southwest through the Reach?
Which of the Iron Islands is the site of the seats of House Orkwood and House Tawney?
What is the name of the large mountain chain located beyond the Wall?
What poison was used by Lysa Arryn to murder her husband Jon?
What house has the ancestral seat of Last Hearth?
Which Wise Master of Yunkai is referred to as the Yellow Whale?
What house has the ancestral seat of Raventree Hall?
What is the ancestral seat of House Velaryon?
In the Red Keep, who traditionally has his chambers beneath the rookery?
What private army protects the Temple of the Lord of Light in Volantis?
According to religion, the Lord of Light R'hllor is locked in an eternal struggle with which god?
What ancient fortification on the northern edge of the Neck has protected the North from invasion for thousands of years?
Which house has two blue towers, united by a bridge, on a silver-grey field as their coat-of-arms?
Before joining the rest of Commander Mormont's party, Qhorin Halfhand kills which wildling leader?
What is the name of the remote island in the Shivering Sea famous for cannibals and unicorns?
The islands of Walano, Omburu and Jhala make up what archipelago south of Westeros?
Which red priest fights with a sword covered in a thin layer of wildfire?
What is the name of the tower where the throne room of Sunspear is situated?
Which of the city gates in King's Landing leads west to the Goldroad?
What is the name given to the disease which leaves the skin grey and stone-like?
The Starks of Winterfell trace their descent back to what legendary figure?
What is the ancestral seat of House Waynwood?
Tycho Nestoris serves as an agent and representative of what bank?
What goddess do the Unsullied secretly worship?
What is the name given to the period in history where a terrible darkness fell across Westeros, and White Walkers roamed the lands?
If a maester has a link of Valyrian Steel, what has he studied?
What is the main export of the Free City of Myr?
What house has the ancestral seat of Lordsport?
What is the name of the ancient throne of the Iron Islands
According to legend, which Storm King built Storm's End to protect himself from the Gods?
Who serves as First Builder in the Night's Watch when Jon Snow is elected Lord Commander?
What is the favored weapon of choice for a member of the Dothraki?
According to legend, who is the trickster who swindled Casterly Rock from the Casterlys using nothing but his wits?
During Robert's Rebellion, which Hand of the King was defeated at The Battle of the Bells
Which of the great dragons did Rhaenys Targaryen ride into battle on?
Who won the tourney in celebration of Balon Greyjoy's defeat after the Siege of Pyke?
Along with Dorne, what is the chief winemaking area of Westeros?
The port city of Asshai is on the southernmost edge of what mountain peninsula?
What is the ancestral seat of House Florent?
Dorne joined the Seven Kingdoms when Daeron II married which Dornish princess?
Where does Areo Hotah, captain of Doran Martell's guard, hail from?
Who was King of the Iron Islands and the Riverlands during the Wars of Conquest?
When did the First Men first come to Westeros?
What do the Children of the Forest refer to themselves as?
During the Greyjoy Rebellion, who slew Rodrik Greyjoy beneath the walls of Seagard?
Casterly Rock and Lannisport look over which sea?
What is the ancestral seat of House Fowler?
Which Targaryen king is referred to as 'the Cruel'?
The castle of Harrenhal sits on the northern shore of what lake in the Riverlands?
What is the name of the large lake that lies near Vaes Dothrak?
Instead of the gold price, what do the Ironborn traditionally pay?
What was the ancestral seat of House Reyne?

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