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'In the morning, and he was killed by an elephant in my pajamas. He came into my bedroom. I do not know.' (1930)
'Hear their thoughts. Boys night out. What kind of music they play.' (1931)
'Your eyes are not together three times, and I gave it. I think that, for me, there is no where to be found, from home.' (1939)
'Here's a sneak peek at the children.' (1942)
'The moon perhaps? In other words, pull, throw it in the options area. Hey, this is a good idea. Give yourself a month.' (1946)
'Keep the bandage with a hole in it tonight.' (1950)
'We want to see women and children, as a test.' (1956)
'Here you can play a game called war.' (1964)
'During the transitional period, the Queen Mary Robinson, who tried to seduce me.' (1967)
'We can fly out of the bank.' (1967)
'In other words, when I say that I love you, I'm sad.' (1970)
'Question: am I happy? Are you a punk?' (1971)
'I am working on my application, which is undeniable.' (1972)
'If you have the right, forget it, Jake is Chinese.' (1974)
'This can be the power.' (1977)
'Thank you, Chairman. Maybe something different?' (1978)
'But I'm not an animal. I am a boy.' (1980)
'Barbed wire hangers, called fun.' (1981)
QuoteMovieActual Quote
'The sequel. He made my day.' (1983)
'It is a journey through the Water cooled condenser.' (1985)
'Life is very fast. Stop. Hey, you lose.' (1986)
'I need the feeling of a command that they speed.' (1986)
'I remember that I wanted to be in the gang.' (1990)
'My mom always recommended the chocolate life. You never know who will be there, like a tank.' (1994)
'Ernest Hemingway wrote: you were gone, leaving behind a better world. I agree.' (1995)
'Satan deceived the world, because he doesn't know.' (1995)
'Release the Jack, in order to ensure.' (1997)
'You have the wrong man. CHUM CHUM.' (1998)
'I don't understand the words in my mouth.' (1998)
'I had my tubes, Greg. Milk?' (2000)
'The responsible authority, which, for this reason, I have a gift, it's time to take a break when I have this spider.' (2002)
'A good long-forgotten world, glamour, like clean forgot. Each prayer accepted and each wish resigned.' (2003)
'Arrogance is destroyed. I am without you, Lisa!' (2003)
'So forget it. On November 5.' (2005)
'Every day to be a hero villain of high blood pressure.' (2008)
'Perhaps the time has come for our ears. If you are a beginner we have naughty Nazi killing.'(2009)

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