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Can you name these films featuring 'America' in the title or that have a patriotic overtone?

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A geek named Jim, and his incessant adolescent faux pas; one notoriously involving a pastry...?
'When you think of garbage, think of Akeem!'... a prince from a fictional African kingdom now in NYC searching for a bride.
A movie about a Caucasian sperm donor and an African American host from The View who parent Nia Long.
Harrison Ford tells Gary Oldman to 'get off his plane!'
In this Summer blockbuster, Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum save the planet from what the former calls 'a close encounter.'
A determined historian leads a group of treasure hunters on what seem to be round-about goose chases while solving puzzles and attempting to preserve national artifacts.
Obscene film featuring foul-mouthed marionettes brought to us by Matt Stone and Trey Parker.
Mel Gibson as a colonial soldier taking on the British when his family and town are threatened with outlandish taxation and violence.
A group of knucklehead camp counselors with what seems to be limited qualifications and even less recourse for their negligence... set in the 80s.
The widowed US President, Michael Douglas, falls in love with a lobbyist, Annette Bening, much to the dismay of his team of advisors.
A yuppie businessman, portrayed by Christian Bale, displays sociopathic tendencies and secretly commits a series sadistic murders.
The rehabilitation and transition of a neo-Nazi (Edward Norton) after he is imprisoned, and the effects his former lifestyle and beliefs have on his younger brother.

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