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Can you name the TV Characters by the outrageous act they committed?

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Outrageous actCharacterTV Series
Water skis over a shark tank while vacationing in Hollywood
Suffocated his nephew/protege following a car accident
Steals a loaf of rye bread from an old lady as she walks home from the bakery
Performs an appendectomy on a healthy Colonel to prevent him from leading his troops on a suicide mission
Executes his boss under the orders of the President of the USA
Accidentally drops a 3-ton beam suspended from a crane on to his wife's car
After getting pregnant at 47, made the decision to get an abortion, a 1st for prime time TV
Tricks Joe Namath into visiting by writing a letter stating that her brother is dying
Finally acts on his dreams of matricide when he shoots his mother on a cruise ship, knocking her overboard
Got a Thanksgiving dinner turkey stuck on his head while trying to scare his roommate
Turns her son-in-law into an 8 yr old boy, an old man, a goose and a billy goat
Invents a transformation chamber to turn himself from a nerd to a sauve young man
Had intricate body tattoo detailing plans and blueprints to for brother's escape from prison
Digs up John Wayne's footprints from Grauman's Chinese Theater to take home for a souvenir
Outrageous actCharacterTV Series
His police brutality included beating up a drug lord then severely burning the guy's face on a stove
Had a compartment built into his desk so he can nap while at work
Young teen who kills a politically powerful woman with a croquet mallet ater she threatens his family
After a funeral at National Cathedral, he curses God in Latin, grinds a lit cigarette into the ground, and curses God in English
Chops up Scott Tenorman's parents and serves them in his chili at a cook-off
Kidnaps grandson and takes him to be baptized against the strong wishes of his daughter and son-in-law
Forces one of her cheerleaders to accuse the high school football coach of inappropriate touching
Authorizes the dropping of live turkeys from a helicopter as part of a radio station promo
Murders his own brother in the high school hallway in the aftermath of a hostage crisis
Has a boxing match with a kangaroo that she has mistaken for a giant jack rabbitt
Backed his car across the street into his sons living room and then balked at paying the insurance deductible
Blows up an L.A. Apartment complex in an attempt to kill all her enemies
Wacked neighbor with a blender and then strangled her as revenge for her driving his wife to suicide

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